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  • $35.60

    Laundry Nappy Soaker

    Details Weight: 5kg Description: Concentrated oxygen-based detainer and sanitiser.Colour safe soaking powder

  • from $32.00

    Liquid Chlorine Bleach ,Saniclor 12.5%, 5/20 Ltr

    Details Concentrated bleach with 12.5% available chlorine for extra stubborn stains. Use on whites only. ------------------------------...

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    from $32.00
  • from $17.96

    ELKA EKLL5/20, Laundry Liquid, 5/20 Ltr Variants

    Package Contents --------------------------------------------------------------------- ‍ Your choice of: EKLL5 5Ltr Laundry Liquid ...

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    from $17.96
  • $18.15

    5kg Envy Laundry Powder

    Details Weight: 5kg Description: Powerful commercial high strength premium washing powder. Contains strong cleaning agents, stain removers, br...

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