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Angel Instant Dry Yeast (Low sugar) 15g

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Instant dry yeast
Angel active dry yeast uses genetic engineering and modern drying technology.
Fast fermentation and easy to use.
Active dry yeast is applied to the making of bread, cake, steamed bun and so on.

Functional Features
It is suitable for the making of all kinds of bread.
High fermentation activity with significant reduction of fermentation time.
Good expansion of dough in the oven, uniform in colour with sufficient fermentation and good texture.

0.8-1.2% of the weight of flour.

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Angel Yeast Instant Dry Yeast, 500g x 2 packages
Angel Yeast Instant Dry Yeast, 500g x 5 packages
Angel Yeast Instant Dry Yeast, 500g x 20 packages (carton)

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