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Calibrated Competition Cast Iron Plate Pairs

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Calibrated Competition Cast Iron Plate Pairs (IN STOCK)

We are SUPER excited to finally launch our new Calibrated Competition Cast Iron Plate Pairs!!

We've upgraded from the typical Cast Iron plates to CALIBRATED competition plates offering that extra bit of variety and giving you a taste of the real competition! 
  • Thinner profile:
    • The steel inner ring, means the profile of the weights is thinner, and you can load more weight onto a barbell.
    • Calibration plugs on back of plates for increased precision
    • Plate Width - 25KG: 27mm, 20KG: 22.5mm, 15KG: 21mm, 10KG: 21mm, 5KG: 21.5mm, 2.5kg: 16mm, 1.25kg: 12mm, 0.5kg: 8mm, 0.25kg: 6mm   
  • Tighter weight tolerance (the actual weight vs. stated weight): Plates have a maximum  0.25% or +/-10grams weight tolerance. Our standard cast iron plates have a 3% weight tolerance.
  • Cast-Iron Powerlifting KG Discs
  • Machine calibrated to within +/- 10 grams
  • Calibration plugs on back of plates for increased precision
  • 50.4MM collar opening (+/- 0.2mm)
  • Thin Design for 1500LB load capacity
  • Low Gloss Powdercoating surface finish
5KG (WHITE) - 10KG (GREEN) - 15KG (YELLOW) - 20KG (BLUE) - 25KG (RED)



1 year manufacturing warranty for our Calibrated Plates (Excluding 0.25kg, 1.25kg, 2.5kg and 5KG). Surface scratches on Plates and normal wear and tear are ruled out.

The Competition Calibrated Powerlifting Plates are covered by warranty subject to the following conditions:
  • The plates are not dropped from above shoulder height (our bumpers are designed for this) 
  • The plates are dropped on absorbing flooring (not concrete, tiles etc) 
  • The plates are not stored outdoors 
  • General wear and tear from use is not covered under warranty 




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