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  • $24.00

    5L Zeus All Purpose Cleaner

    Details Zeus is bio degradable Zeus is non caustic Zeus is a Degreaser Zeus is a Sanitizer Zeus replaces floor cleaners, disinfectants and blea...

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  • $52.36

    Odour Fresh Deodorant Blocks 4kg

    Details Slow volatilising deodorant blocks used in toilets and urinals. Leaves no residue to contaminate water. Lavender fragrance. White crysta...

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  • $6.80

    Goldies Paremium Adult Wioes

    Goldies Premium Adult Wipes 50's Enriched with Aloe Vera, thick and soft, fragrance free and alcohol free. 50 sheets per pack, sheet size is 33cm ...

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  • $52.00

    Hand Sanitiser Gel 5L

    Contact us to buy it in pallets 5L Hand Sanitiser Gel 75% alcohol

  • $70.00

    Alvdo Guest Soap Bar Amenity -400 Pieces

    Alvdo soap bars are luxuriously silky, soft and moisturising leaving guests feeling refreshed and clean.  Packed in biodegradable plastic the soap...

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  • $14.50

    Ocean Breeze Foam Soap 2.5L

    Contact us to buy it in pallets OCEAN BREEZE FOAM SOAP Foaming hand soap is a rich and soft formula for gently cleaning your hands without creati...

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  • from $28.00

    Hospital Grade Eucalyptus Disinfectant, 5,20 Litres Variants

    Details Special fragrance High level of quat nonionic biodegradable surfactants. Kills germs and cleans effectively ‍ Your choice of: EKED5 5L...

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    from $28.00
  • $32.00

    Antibacterial Handwash 5L

    Contact us to buy it in pallets ANTIBACTERIAL HAND WASH Antibacterial hand wash is the preferred option for cleaning hands in an environment full...

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  • $44.00

    Hand Sanitiser Liquid 5L

    Contact us to buy it in pallets 5L Hand Sanitiser Liquid 75% alcohol