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Angle Youtiao Raising Agent 20g

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Descriptions of Angel Youtiao Raising Agent (aluminum-free):

1.Ingredients: salt, sodium bicarbonate, corn starch, calcium carbonate, tartaric acid, MSP, citric acid, xylanase;

2. Dosage: 2-3% of the flour;

3. Usage: put a bag of (20g) of this product into the flour (500g high gluten flour), add 300g water and make into the dough and rest for 20 minutes, then knead the dough once again. Place 3-9 hours at room temperature or in a freezer (summer and winter are different), cut into sticks, fold into form, stretch and put into the 200 °C pan, then deep fry to golden brown.

4. Packaging: 250g×20/carton;

5. Shelf life: 12 months in dry and cool places (seal preservation after use);

Recipe of "Bakerdream" Youtiao Raising Agent (aluminum-free):

Flour (youtiao flour or refined flour)             1000g

Youtiao Raising Agent ( Aluminum-free)         20-30g

salt                                        13-16g

Sugar                                       12g

Water                                       550-600g

Features of "Bakerdream" Youtiao Raising Agent (aluminum-free):

This product is a new raising agent developed and designed to solve fried youtiao aluminum harm. It is free of alum and ammonium bicarbonate. It eliminates the risk of aluminum and brings good taste.

Notice: Seal after use and keep in dry and cool places.

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AYYRA20504/H, Angel Fast Youtiao Raising Agent 20g x 100pac/
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