Alcohol Active Dry Yeast


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Active dry yeast is the original all-natural yeast that has been used by generations of bread bakers from or using in all yeast doughs, and baking from low sugar to highly sweetened breads and cakes. Elf Wing has offered active dry wine yeast which is specifically made of selected high-quality alcohol yeast strains for enhancing the experience of baking in Australia. It accelerates the fermentation process with its enriched strong reproductive ability and high ethanol concentration.It can be used with corn, cassava, wheat, and starch based raw materials. This alcohol based fermentation has shortened the cycle of fermentation due to continuous fermentation to approx 55-60 hours. With Elf Wing’s faster acting active dry yeast, dough may rise faster. This active dry yeast alcohol product can be added directly into dry ingredients and liquid temperatures of 80F – 108F are suitable enough to make perfect dough.

Due to high ethanol concentration, Elf Wings Active dry yeast Australia bakers can purchase for the purposes other than baking such as making wine, vinegar and soy sauce.Using active dry yeast for wine is very common and results in alcohol in most wines. Our active dry yeast can be used in any capacity. If you want to bake bread or cake in home kitchen or you are an owner of a bakery; it perfectly suits the needs of both. It increases and enhances the flavor of fermented food and improves its nutritional value.

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Elf Wing’s active dry yeast price is also distinguishing as its yeast is. You will get a good quality and quantity at a price hard to believe. When you buy with us online you will get discounts on bulk purchasing. It comes in aluminium foil packaging with the shelf life of 12 months increasing the production efficiency and saves cost.

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If you are looking for a value for money on purchase of active dry yeast, Elf Wing’s online store is the best place to visit and order the quantity you want. You will have your order delivered within hours of ordering. We also facilitate our customers by responding their questions and concerns through online chats and calling. If you have any concerns or need further information regarding wonders of our active dry yeast, dial 1300 591 818 now. Our team is always ready to serve you.

*This information is intended as a guide only. Please read product labels before purchasing & consuming.