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Elf Wing Full Range Cleaning chemical suppliers

Elf Wing is offering a broad collection of cleaning chemicals ranging from floor cleaning liquid to hand wash liquid catering to every individual and commercial need. Its extensive cleaning chemical supplies range includes bathroom gel cleaner, laundry liquid,washroom sanitizer and toilet cleaner, window and glass cleaner, hospital grade disinfectant, Eco-citrus neutral cleaner, bleach and multipurpose floor cleaner. All these cleaning chemicals Sydney can use for various purposes.

These cleaning chemicals can be used in homes for kitchen floor cleaning, accessories, bathrooms and living areas.These disinfectant liquids are useful to clean and disinfect play areas for kids and toddlers so they can safely roam around the home. Hospital grade disinfectant chemical is tough on all germs and effective in sanitizing all medical facilities including equipment with complete cleaning properties. It works best for all hard surfaces in schools, restaurants, cafes, nursing homes,hotels, motels, and food manufacturing facilities. Laundry cleaning liquid purifies dirty clothes and the added fragrance combines to the refreshing experience.

Stay at germs-free surfaces with Elf Wing’s cleaning chemicals

Multipurpose floor cleaner is the best selling item which allows removing dirt, germs and bacteria from any surface without deteriorating its originality. It can be used to clean nonporous walls, tables, chairs, sinks, and other surfaces of metal, wood,plastic, cement, ceramic or stainless steel. Professional carpet cleaning liquid can also do wonders in killing germs embedded in carpet.

Elf Wing is one of those cleaning chemical suppliers who understands the varying needs of its clients and offer these disinfectant cleaning chemical supplies all over Australia in different sizes ranging from 5L to 20L bottles. It is a low cost option of saving surfaces and safety of budget. All these cleaning liquids are formulated to balance efficiency with surface compatibility.

Where to buy cleaning chemicals in Sydney

Elf Wing operates everywhere in Australia including Sydney so if you are looking for a cleaning chemical supplier, just go through our website to find a comprehensive range of cleaning liquids, from liquid hand wash to surface cleaners. If you want to know further about any product, you can talk anytime to our team of experts by dialing 1300591 818 or you can simply place an order for the delivery at your doorstep. We provide fast, reliable and safe delivery and strive to win trusts of our customers with our high quality products coupled with efficient services.


*This information is intended as a guide only.Please read product labels before purchasing & consuming.