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Elf Wing’s Garbage bags are a necessity

Just imagine a world without garbage bags and you will understand how important Garbage bags are to have a litter free, clutter-free and cleaner life. Considering the necessity of these garbage bags or bin liners, Elf Wing offers wide wholesale garbage bags range which includes different sizes, colours and materials made for different purposes. Ranging from plastic garbage bags normally required for home and kitchen use, it possess and offers industrial and commercial garbage bags to handle all the clutter and filth created during construction or any other industrial workout. It comes in 3 different colours of white, black and blue. Plastic bags can be used for lining litters, waste containers and bins to keep the surroundings clean and safe.

High-quality garbage bags in different sizes

Elf Wing is the wholesale garbage bags supplier and catering to different residential, commercial and industrial needs; Elf Wing’s range is comprehensive and includes five different types and sizes of bin liners. 510x510 black tidy liners are usually made for kitchen waste in homes, restaurants, food shops and other food manufacturing facilities. While 52ltr, 75ltr and 82ltr black ultra extra heavy duty garbage bags works best for bathrooms and outdoor litters.

Elf Wing’s garbage bags are scratch resistant and capable of handling waste like sharp edged materials or any broken items. In addition to hard materials, dust and dirt; these heavy duty black plastic garbage bags can hold and sustain liquid items without any leakage.

Here at Elf Wing, we feel proud to say that we have durable and strongest garbage bags made up of high quality virgin material than other garbage bags manufactured from recycled material. We stock all you could need to have a neat, clean and trash free spaces. 

Place your order for strongest garbage bags now!

If you are a homeowner or business owner and want to ensure clean-ups yet handling all the waste and litter smartly, Elf Wing should be your first choice. We are the leading and largest trash bags supplier in Australia and you can find a whole lot of garbage bags or bin liners from our online store. You can grab your high quality bags simply by placing an order on our website. If you have any queries, you may contact us at 1300 591 818. Our team would love to hear and respond your queries.

*This information is intended as a guide only.Please read product labels before purchasing & consuming.