Ensure complete hygiene with Elf Wing’s Washroom dispensers

Washroom dispensers make an integral part of washroom accessories. Whether you need just basics or aiming for a stylish and impressive washroom, bathroom dispensers can serve you better. At Elf Wing,we are offering foam soap dispensers and liquid soap dispensers in addition to toilet paper and napkin dispensers. We strive to make our client’s hygiene experience a soothing one so they can stay germs-free and healthy most of their lives. Using soap dispensers are safe and convenient and give pleasure to hand washing when installed at either residential or commercial locations. Our high quality washroom dispensers are ideal to place in any location where sanitisation is of great concern. These can be conveniently hanged on to the wall and refilled for non-stop usage.

Our range includes, plastic foam soap dispenser, stainless steel metal soap dispenser, double jumbo toilet paper roll dispenser, paper roll towel dispenser, interfold hand towel dispenser XL,toilet paper roll dispenser and napkin dispenser. All these equipment are made from using innovative technology and are aimed at promoting cleanliness. Elf Wing’s Soap dispensers perform quick and easy dispensing and don’t have any suggested techniques,but it is important to use the right technique when using paper towel dispensers. It is a mistake to wash your hands first before tapping on the towel dispenser to release the quantity of paper towel you need to dry your hands. Touching the dispenser after washing your hands will lead to more contamination because you never know how many hands have previously touched the same dispenser. What you should do is tap on the dispenser before proceeding to wash your hands.

Wholesale bathroom dispenser commercial supplier

We are the leading wholesale bathroom dispenser suppliers in Australia and stock all kinds of plastic and stainless steel dispensers that can easily be mounted vertically or horizontally on the walls.It is no wonder that we are the bulk supplier and offer such a great price for our customers that you can’t resist buying. We believe in delivering quality in a budget friendly way. We just want to make sure that when you are looking for where to buy one of the finest quality soap dispensers online, you will begetting the one that's exactly right for you and within your budget.

Contact us for washroom dispenser purchasing and queries

At Elf Wing, we have everything in washroom dispensers to meet your individual or commercial needs; all you need to do is browse our website for placing an order. We provide fast deliveries to your doorsteps. In case you have any queries, you may contact our sales representative by dialing 1300 591 818.


*This information is intended as a guide only.Please read product labels before purchasing & consuming.