Disposable Plates


Convenient alternative to traditional plates

Among so many wholesale disposable plastic plates suppliers in Australia it is almost impossible to differentiate and choose the one with high quality environment friendly option for your disposable plates purchase. At Elf Wing, we proudly offer single use disposable plates for residential and commercial use at really economical prices. These are a convenient replacement for crockery and utensils. Unlike conventional utensils that need care in handling, have to be cleaned before and after use need lot of space for storage; these plastic plates are light in weight, are disposable after use, cheaper and can be stored easily.

Our disposable plates are the true example of quality products at an affordable and pocket friendly price, as we work for the goal to provide you an ideal food serving solution that can resolve your hygiene, storage and serving issues in a most budget friendly way.

High efficiency and superior quality disposable plates

Being leader in supplying one of the best disposable plates for hot food we have employed innovative technology to make it non-toxic, non-leaking and highly efficient for serving edibles. Our customer’s health is of utmost importance to us and we maintain the health standards by using biodegradable properties to make it safe when hot food is served. In contrast to other paper plates, these are the better choice for serving and don’t get soggy and collapse under weight, heat, and steam of food.Our highly efficient plates are well used during birthdays, anniversary parties,wedding functions, sweet shops and by caterers. Disposable plates are available in different shapes and sizes to cater every residential or commercial need.The quality of paper used is firm enough to maintain the shape and hold the weight of the eatable served in it.

Buy best Eco-friendly disposable plates at Elf Wing

When you are purchasing disposable plates bulk quantity from us, be confident that you are making an environmentally responsible choice that is equally suitable for the environment as it is for you. Using our disposable plastic plates Australia customers can be rest assured that no plastic chemical or toxins leaching into your food during consumption. If you have any queries related to our eco-friendly disposable plates, our knowledgeable team would love to respond any of your query and help you in your buying. Simply give us a call at 1300 591 818 or reach us via Facebook, Instagram or We Chat. We are always ready to serve you.

*This information is intended as a guide only.Please read product labels before purchasing & consuming.