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Antibacterial Hand sanitiser

Elf Wing presents Australian made anti-bacterial hand sanitiser which contains 75% ethanol and guarantees sensitisation of your hands within minutes. This gel-based formula does not require water to wash hands and you can easily use your hands right after a few seconds of its application. It is a quick dry and non-sticky formula which gives you ease and comfort to use it anywhere and anytime.

This antibacterial hand sanitiser contains 60% of its ingredients to deactivate any microbes and keeping you healthy if used frequently and properly. Elf Wing is offering hand sanitiser liquid indifferent sizes and quantities to make it convenient for you to use 500ml bottle at home, office, hospitals, restaurants and even when you are on the go,you can easily carry 250 ml bottle to keep you sanitised at the places where people come in frequent contact with each other or where soap and water are not easily available.

Purify your hands with affordable and best hand sanitiser products

A good hand sanitiser is the one which gets dried quickly without causing any skin irritation and instantly purify your hands against germs and other bacteria. ELF Wing’s hand sanitiser products are well known around Australia for killing 99.9% germs. Its push-down nozzle offers great convenience to squeeze required amount of hand sanitiser liquid on your hands and rub thoroughly until dry. Doing this, will give a protective shield to your hands and kill germs if there are any. Glycerin is used as an ingredient to remain gentle on hands and fragrance is added to give a soothing experience.

Elf Wing is offering hand sanitisers in affordable price range so that it doesn’t cost much to protect your hands.We also provide Tax invoice with your purchase, to help our customers with their tax reclaims. Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority and we focus on meeting quality standards.

Bulk Buy hand sanitiser from ELF Wing

Whether you have bulk hand sanitiser Australia demand for individual or commercial purpose, Elf Wing have it all. If you want to buy hand sanitiser bulk quantity you can place your order now through our website or if you have any queries, you may dial 1300 591 818 and talk to our customer representative regarding concerns and any information. Our team will be happy to assist you in your purchasing.

*This information is intended as a guide only.Please read product labels before purchasing & consuming.