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Jumbo roll toilet paper wholesale supplier

Unlike standard rolls of bathroom tissues that have long been used in residential and small commercial settings,restrooms in facilities that tend to have a good deal of traffic however, such as those in large offices, schools, airports, and public institutions and arenas, benefit from the option to install high-capacity  jumbo roll toilet tissue fixtures in restrooms. These reduce the labor costs associated with restocking small rolls,reduce waste and theft, and also ensure a more dependable experience for the occupant. There are many wholesale toilet roll paper suppliers but here at Elf Wing you are guaranteed that you will find only quality products.

Our wide range of toilet rolls include royal touch jumbo toilet rolls, AC2300 premium toilet tissue and AC9689 premium toilet tissue and 2 ply jumbo toilet rolls. All these toilet tissues are made from innovative technology to remain gentle on skin yet providing the required hygiene results. These toilet tissue rolls are strong,durable and convenient to use. They can stay longer when wet hence reducing the overall consumption rate. Whether you want it for residential or commercial place, these jumbo toilet rolls are available at cheap wholesale price allowing you to earn value for money.

Jumbo toilet roll paper – Fantastic choice for cost saving

Elf Wing’s high-capacity jumbo toilet rolls provide the equivalent of 10 or more standard rolls, and can reduce not only maintenance and product costs but also provide greater opportunity for waste as there is no way to control how much each occupant issuing. Our jumbo roll toilet paper price is unbeatable when you look around in Australia. We offer cheap jumbo roll toilet paper without compromising the quality of our toilet rolls purely manufactured from virgin material. Our goals to minimize the toiletries budget of our client as much as possible and enhancing their experience for our products.

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If you are also looking to improve your budget spent on toilet rolls, buying Elf Wing’s jumbo toilet tissue rolls can really a big saver for you. All you need to do is to browse our website, select any package available suiting your requirement, place an order and receive your jumbo toilet paper rolls at your doorstep by virtue of our fast and free delivery services. Or toucan also talk to our customer representative on 1300591 818 in case you want to have some information.

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