Luxury and Premium quality paper napkins

Many people have abandoned use of cloth napkins due to high cost of washing and ironing and when paper napkins are available as excellent alternative then it’s merely a waste of money. While these paper napkins are more of a business item, Elf Wing’s luxury and premium quality paper napkins can be used in homes too. Whether a party is arranged in your home garden, lounge, or in a restaurant, these napkins can be used as an excellent disposable product. Our disposable and cheap paper napkins are best aligned with your residential, commercial or industrial needs. Our durable,super absorbent, flexible and versatile paper napkins are perfect for every mid-level sized restaurant or any eating point. No matter your guests are gathered in your home or a restaurant, our powerful napkins are just a perfect choice to absorb oil and liquids.

Crafted through premium quality raw material and innovative technology, ELF Wing’s high quality paper napkins can be used in kitchen, bathroom, and offices as well. You can also carry the min your bag while going outside especially with kids. It is more convenient and works best as an environment friendly product. Our hygienic paper napkin ensures that nothing happen to your health when you use it with your food. Different sizes are available to select any of your choice and needs.

Cost effective and multipurpose paper napkins

We are offering our multipurpose paper napkins at a price which can’t be beaten by anyone in Australia and who else offers free returns other than ELF Wing. Our focus is to facilitate our clients with the best products which are good for health but light on pocket.We understand that our clients have a fixed budget and therefore we offer an option of bulk paper napkin buying option as it offers savings when bought in bulk. Our client satisfaction is our asset and we allow them to first check our product and continue to use. Our products can easily be returned if found unsatisfactory.

Whereto buy paper napkins online

ELF Wing is a wholesale supplier for paper napkins in Australia so if you want to buy quality paper napkins, visit our online store where you can place your order easily. You can contact us for grabbing a discount pallet deal dial now 1300 591 818 and talk to our knowledgeable and customer friendly staff for a wise purchase. We provide fast deliveries at your doorsteps.  

*This information is intended as a guide only. Please read product labels before purchasing & consuming.