Hand Towel

Paper hand towels are a great option to dry hands

Everybody think that proper hand washing is with water, and soap scrubbing and rinsing that can protect from common infections and other health hazards caused due to dirt hands but they are actually missing on a major part that is “drying”. It is the final act that ultimately prevents the spread of bacteria after hand washing. Properly drying your hands with paper hand towels after washing determines how safe you actually are from those germs and bacteria you do not want getting into your system.

If you are a homemaker or a business owner; need of proper hygiene will still remain there and proper hand washing and using paper towels for hand drying should be encouraged everywhere in home and workplace after visiting the washrooms, kitchen, restaurants, using the computer etc. It is very easy to promote hygiene and personal sanitisation with Elf Wing’s cheap paper hand towel bulk purchase and provide it for use at workplaces.

Our range of cheap paper hand towels include 1ply and 2ply compact, gentle, slim, strong, interleaved and highly absorbent paper towels in different quantities and sizes to match with your household or workplace needs. You can select any from 2 ply 100 sheet extra large hand towels, 1 ply compact hand paper towel, 1 ply gentle slim hand towels,slimline, hand towel, interleaved hand towel, and ultra slim hand towels to the fulfillment of your requirement.

Premium quality paper towel supplier

We are the leading paper hand towel supplier and our paper towels can help reduce the numbers of bacteria on the finger pads and on the palms of the hands by an average of 76% and 77% respectively. Elf Wing Paper hand towels wholesale have a very high level of absorbency so it can easily remove residual water from your hands in a very short time. To be more specific, it would only take 10 seconds to reduce residual water from the hands to 4% and 15 seconds to reduce it to 1%.

When you think of a high quality item, it is usually associated with its high price but that’s not the case with Elf Wing’s cheap paper hand towels bulk supply.While making a purchase from our store, you are rest assured that the quality is worth the price and sanitisation is no more a burden on your pocket. We offer great prices as compare to our competitors and this is what makes us different from other paper hand towels suppliers in Australia.

Buy paper hand towels with ELF Wing

So,here your struggle of finding reasonably priced high quality paper towels end sand give a treat to yourself by purchasing bulk paper towels from Elf Wing to enjoy discounts and much more. If you have any queries you can speak to our customer representative who would love to hear and respond all your concerns and queries. You may dial now 1300591 818 or reach us via Facebook, Instagram or WeChat.

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