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Add convenience to your hygiene with paper roll towels

Whether you are aiming to practice hygiene at your home or workplace, paper towel roll plays a major role in completing hygiene rituals. Any wrong selection can badly impact your hygiene standards as well as your budget. Trusting Elf Wing as your wholesale paper roll towel supplier for all your paper roll towel needs will always come with its benefits. Elf Wing’s paper roll towel offers a compact way to provide great hand-drying capacity. With one-at-a-time dispensing, these paper towel roll reduces both consumption and cost. At Elf Wing, we stock 1 ply hand roll towel, centre feed paper towel and much more to perfectly fit your toilet paper usage.

No matter what type of toilet paper you are searching for, we have just the right thing to fit in your environment. Our hand roll towels are an ideal solution for high traffic washrooms in your office buildings,schools, entertainment venues, and healthcare facilities. Many of Elf Wing’s paper towels are designed by keeping your cost reduction in mind. Our paper towel rolls are high absorptive for any liquid other than water such as oil, milk, blood and many other. These rolls are made from virgin fiber and packed individually to make them softer and durable. We are proud to be one of the virgin fiber product manufacturers and importers and show great concern for healthy environment. If you are also having eco-environment concerns, be assured that our products are as safe for environment as they are for you.  

Wholesale paper roll towels

Elf Wing claims that superior hygiene with greater ease is possible only when you purchase our paper towel rolls, as they are available on wholesale rates so you can easily save on your toiletries for some other good cause. You can easily find our paper towel rolls in different sizing and packing. Another plus point of having an Elf Wing toilet roll in your office or house’s restroom is that they are sturdy enough to sustain in wet conditions. With dense thickening fiber qualities, it can last longer even when wet.

Where to buy paper towel rolls

If you are looking to purchase paper towel rolls for your home or office or if you have any queries, contacting Elf Wing is the perfect decision to fulfill your needs. Our customer representatives are ready to serve you with their advice, solutions and product guidance to make your buying easy and worthy. Dial now 1300 591818 or place an online order browsing our website. We would love to hear from you.

*This information is intended as a guide only. Please read product labels before purchasing & consuming.