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Pet water fountain

Lack of hydration may lead to serious health issues for all living beings and the same is true for your pet cat. Your cats must get enough water to drink to stay healthy. To maximize their hydration, always provide your cat with fresh drinking water. Water fountains for cats are a great source of providing fresh water that has a continuous stream of filtered water, providing your cat with the option of drinking from flowing rather than stagnant water. You can also consider giving them a bit of boost with some wet cat food that helps to increase your cat’s water intake.

Product Range

For your smaller and bigger pets, you can select from a πSeries Drinking Fountain and Bubble design cat water fountain. These water fountains for pets are easy to install and disassemble.

Pet Water Fountain Composition

These pet drinking water fountains are made from ABS +pp, a food grade BPA free material which keeps the water odorless. This range is available in large capacities of 2.5L and 2.8 L pet water fountains to provide sufficient clean and fresh water for your pet all the time.

Benefits of Pet Water Fountain

     ·  Pet will always have sufficient clean water to drink

     ·  Allows the cat to have fun with splashing

     ·  Keeps water dustless and filters for the wet fur

     ·  Good grip on the ground and prevents moving and sliding

     ·  Safe for cats of all sizes

     ·  Simple cleaning

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