Surgical Mask


Stay safe with Elf Wing surgical face mask

Elf Wing offers U.S made surgical grade face masks to easily cover your face against any germs and other infections. Made up with three protective layers, it helps in good breathability and filtration against dust particles, germs or other infectious disease. These face masks are suitable for all types of skin and these surgical masks are typically made with non-latex material to ensure that it doesn’t create any toxic reaction or skin irritation to the user. In order to combine strength with comfort, surgical face masks Australia offers are sonically bonded not to hurt its breathability yet maintaining durability. These surgical face masks are suitable for use in any environment which may be hazardous for health and affect your breathing. These masks are a perfect choice for those in medical profession, food restaurants, chemical handling, and salesman who visit different places during the day. It helps you to carry out household tasks, job duties, and odd job responsibilities without any barrier. Its super sonic binding helps to keep you breathing in sheer unhygienic or unprotected conditions.

We are one of the leading suppliers of surgical face masks in Sydney, Australia and claim that these surgical masks are a real safeguard for you in unhealthy times. These are convenient to carry with you when go outside or simply to be kept in your workplace. These are reliable and sturdy and offer value for money. These protective surgical masks are available as 50 pieces in a box and have reasonable price. We are always committed to provide high quality in cheap prices.

How to wear surgical mask

Elf Wing offers surgical masks which are easy to wear and comes in a standard size which fits to all. It features a fully enclosed nose piece and low-lint outer layer to ensure the face is properly covered. However, it is adjustable according to the face structure,but it offers great level of comfort for everyone if donned properly. Make sure that the stiff bendable edge is always on top and molded to the shape of your nose. Ear loops should be tightened-up around both ears and the low-lint layer should be stretched to cover till the chin. Also, you can easily re-use these surgical masks if taken care properly.  

Where to buy surgical masks

Face masks are really a must-have in this filthy world we are living in, not only to protect ourselves but to keep others protected from any germs released from us. So, if you are wondering where you can buy these surgical face masks from, don’t worry; we are operating in almost everywhere in Australia including Sydney and would love to participate in your health improvement. You can browse our online store for placement of an order, or you can talk to our customer-friendly team in case you have any queries. Our team is always ready to help with your buying decision. Call us now at 1300591 818.

*This information is intended as a guide only. Please read product labels before purchasing & consuming.