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Strong, Hygienic and Standard Toilet Tissue

Nothing is worse than cheap toilet tissue that feels rough and falls apart when you use it, but the last thing you want to do is throw your money down the toilet. Elf Wing is a wholesale supplier of toilet tissue online which are produced with great consideration of thickness, absorbency, dissolvability, dry strength, and wet strength. Our tissue toilet papers give you a hygienic and sanitized experience in washrooms. When you attempt to dispense it off, it comes easily without creating any ply-separation hurdles. It’s soft on your skin and strong enough to sustain long in wet condition. Individually packed, lightweight packets are easy to carry around when you are on travel.  

Elf Wing tissue toilet paper is best for use in any residential, commercial or industrial facility where traffic is frequent, and you want to save on your bathroom expenditure. These are made from innovative technology and stay longer hence reducing overall consumption rate.

Affordable and Effective tissue toilet paper on sale

These standard size toilet tissues are cheap yet effective. You get real value for money when you buy from Elf Wing.  Softness is combined with smooth texture to give a smooth and soothing effect to your gentle skin. What best about effectiveness of our 2 ply toilet tissue paper is, it gets easily dissolved without creating any clogs in sanitary pipeline. Ply, price, septic face, green features and brand the factors which helps to create a satisfying experience and the quality you find here at our online store contains all these features. These are 100% Australian made toilet tissues made specifically to meet the hygiene standards and sanitisation requirements of Australians. Our reasonable price is the value catcher in the market and consumer can enjoy discounts on bulk purchases.

Want to buy best toilet paper in Australia

If you really don’t want to throw much of your money in the toilet, spend wisely and purchase our 2 ply toilet tissue paper roll which are individually packed in 36 packs and save you money. You can directly place an online order through our website or you can talk your concerns live with our customer representative or you can also get your queries resolved by talking to our customer friendly staff on 1300 591 818. We will be happy to assist you.

*This information is intended as a guide only. Please read product labels before purchasing & consuming.