HALAL Angel Bread Improver A-800, 1kg / 50g


Angel supplies all kinds of improver solutions for bread, increase bread volume, improve crisp of bread crust. Including sweet dough improver, lean dough improver, concentrated improver, frozen dough improver, etc.
Angel Professional Quality Traditional Crust Farmhouse Bread Flour Improver
A Superb Flour Improver As Used Nationally In Professional Bakeries & Patisseries
Can be used in traditional hand baking and bread machines
Create all types of bread from traditional tin loaves to crusty (Bread Improver LD-500), soft rolls (Bread Improver A-800) to specialty breads
Used in small amounts, from just 5g per 500g of flour, approx. 1 level teaspoon!
Available In Smaller 50g & 1Kg Bulk buy‍

Shelf Life
18 Months
Storage Method
Sealed and stored in dry and cool place, seal it tightly after the use.


Package Contents


Your choice of:

AYBLD500110/5, Angel Bread Improver LD-500 1kg x 5pac/
AYBLD500110, Angel Bread Improver LD-500 1kg x 10pac (Carton) /

AYBIA800110/5, Angel Bread Improver A-800 1kg x 5pac/
AYBIA800110, Angel Bread Improver A-800 1kg x 10pac (Carton) /

AYBIA80050254/H, Angel Bread Improver A-800 50g x 50pac/
AYBIA80050254, Angel Bread Improver A-800 50g x 100pac (Carton) /


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