HALAL Angel Mantou Improver 300g


Angel Mantou Improver

The mantou improver of a new type is specially developed for moderate-high fermented flour-based food. Its unique bio-enzyme formula can enlarge the size of mantou and make it softer with better texture.

Packing Specification

300g x 20pac


Corn starch, soya flour, sodium stearoyl lactylate, glycerin monostearate, ascorbic acid, xylanase, lipase, alpha-amylase, glucose oxidase.

Shelf Life

18 Months

Storage Method

Store in a dry and cool place.

Functional Features

  1. Enhance the processing capacity of dough, promote the formation of gluten
  2. Provide the required nutrition for the growth of yeast
  3. Improve the endurance and stability of yeast in the process of fermentation

Range of Application

For all types of Chinese pastries, such as Mantou, Steamed roll, Baozi.


Package Contents


Your choice of:

AYMI30020/2, Angel Mantou Improver 300g x 2pac/

AYMI30020/5, Angel Mantou Improver 300g x 5pac/

AYMI30020/H, Angel Mantou Improver 300g x 10pac/

AYMI30020, Angel Mantou Improver 300g x 20pac(Carton) /


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