Angel Instant Dry Yeast (Low sugar) 500g


Instant dry yeast
Angel active dry yeast uses genetic engineering and modern drying technology.
Fast fermentation and easy to use.
Active dry yeast is applied to the making of bread, cake, steamed bun and so on.

Functional Features
It is suitable for the making of all kinds of breads.
High fermentation activity with significant reduction of fermentation time.
Good expansion of dough in oven, uniform in color with sufficient fermentation and good texture.

0.8-1.2% of the weight of flour.


Package Contents


Your choice of:

AYIDY50020/2, Angel Yeast Instant Dry Yeast , 500g X 2pac /
AYIDY50020/5, Angel Yeast Instant Dry Yeast, 500g X 5pac /
AYIDY50020, Angel Yeast Instant Dry Yeast, 500g X 20pac( Ctn.)/

Best before: 2020/04/28


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Elf Wing’s Instant dry yeast

Angel Instant dry Yeast is a perfect baking solution for all those bakers and confectioners out there in Australia. You can have a great baking experience in your home or in a restaurant with this product. Prepared with genetic engineering and modern drying technology to produce a high quality instant dry yeast. It ease out the fermentation process in the dough and adds taste and texture.

It has a fine texture and other additives which make instant yeast to activate much more quickly. It’s best for quick baking projects. It allows you to make bread with just one rise. It comes in aluminum foil packaging with the shelf life of12 months increasing the production efficiency and saves cost.


You can use this instant dry yeast to bake bread, cakes, pastries, bread rolls, and much more.

How to use

Mix the dry yeast with flour and other ingredients, and then add in water and stir.

Note: Avoid directly mixing the yeast with oil, salt and ice. Add oil only after all the other ingredients added and mixed even.

Adjust the dough's temperature between 26-28 ℃.


·        12 months shelf-life

·        Quickly activates

·        Good expansion of dough

·        Uniformity in colour of baked item

·        Sufficient and reduced time fermentation

·        Enhanced taste and texture

·        Easy to use

Storage instructions

Recommended to keep and store in a cool and dry place.

Where to buy instant dry yeast online

You will get instant dry yeast at an affordable price of$3.00 from Elf Wing’s online store. When you buy with us online you will get discounts on bulk purchasing. If you need further information regarding wonders of our active dry yeast, then dial now 1300 591 818. Our team is always ready to serve you.

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