Bakerdream Potato Starch 400g


Bakerdream Potato Starch

Suitable for cooking, thickening and coating the food, and it can be used to make bean jelly.


Potato Starch

Shelf Life

24 months

Storage Method

Stored in cool and dry place


Package Contents


Your choice of:

AYPS40020/5, Bakerdream Potato Starch x 5pac/
AYPS40020, Bakerdream Potato Starch x 20pac (Carton).


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Potato starch

Potato starch is a fine powdery substance derived from the crushed potatoes. It is quite similar to other starches and commonly used to thicken gel, adding texture and increase crispiness in baked foods. Made up from good quality potatoes this starch can be used for the purpose of cooking and baking. It has all the nutritional values and information on its pack to give you a healthy lifestyle.


Potato starch can be used in kitchens restaurants, cafes, hotels, offices, food manufacturing factories as well as school canteens for crisp cooking and baking. It has Properties such as high water-binding capacity, low gelatinization temperatures and tendency to form relatively clear, highly viscous pastes.

Uses of potato starch

• As cold thickeners in pies and pastry fillings

• In confections, cheese analogues, glazing and toppings

• Fat replacers (mainly enzyme-treated type).

• In fresh preparations when prolonged storage is not needed- e.g. mashed potatoes, sauces and food coatings

• For extended refrigeration formulations – ready to eat pies and meals.

• In gluten free baking


• Gives a smooth texture

• Thickens gel

• Enhances the flavor

• Maintains the crispiness and freshness

• Doesn’t change the recipe and processing

Storage Instructions

Keep it in a cool and dry place to use it for optimum shelf life of 24 months. Reseal the pack after use and store in low temperatures.




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