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Bubble Design Cat Water Fountain


Bubble Design Cat Water Fountain

The smartest Dispenser, the most decent Pet Waterer. Based on principle of gravity water system, this Water Fountain can replenish water automatically and help to keep the water filled and clean, no electricity required. Your pets will always has sufficient water to drink, whether you at home or not. With its stylish and high-tech out-looking, it is also a decent decoration in your sweet home.

Made of food grade BPA-free material, the Waterer is safe and odorless. Its solid and bubble structure also protect Pets from being crushed or scratched. You will see it is so durable that even the most naughty pets can't chew it, tear it, or overturn it. You will be very glad to see this Dispenser change Pets' splashing habits.

Large Capacity ensure consistent water supply. In normal weather, a 22lb dog needs 14OZ water per day. With a Capacity of 98OZ(=2.8L), this Water Foutain will last 7 days, let alone to cat. That will save your time and energy, makes your pets always know where to drink water.

Clean and Neat. It has good grip when it fits the ground which prevents the dispenser from moving and sliding, effectively prevents the pet from turning it when drinking water, it keeps the floor clean and reduces the carpet cleaning service. It's also good for the health of your beloved pets.

Easy Installation and Disassembly. Cleaning steps are simple, you just unscrew the spring port, pour water and then fix it on the base. The top and bottom can be twisted and separated, rinse directly with water, it is more efficient to clean it with Brush we offer in the pack.





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