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Multifunctional Aerobic Stepper With Resistance Tubes

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Our Multifunctional Aerobic Stepper is a perfect home accessory for a full-body workout. Suitable for both beginners and advanced users, this accessory can easily be turned into an Inclined or Declined plane in a matter of seconds, targeting different muscle groups. Compact and foldable, our design allows for both home or gym use. Our Multifunctional Aerobic Stepper also features a small storage compartment for tubes and bands to be placed inside.

With a sturdy and very robust plastic construction, our Multifunctional Aerobic Stepper is one of the most versatile fitness tools being a stepper, weight bench, plyometric, and ramp all in one.

With a slip-resistant surface and rubber grip feet providing a solid workout platform that stays stable on any surface, our flexible design allows users to practice a range of different exercises such as step-ups, aerobic exercises, jumps, or exercises with resistance bands and weights.

Product Details:

Size: 112 x 35 x 22 cm

Weight: 14kgs




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