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Angel Active Dry Wine Yeast 10g

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Product introduction

The product is made of specifically selected high-quality alcohol yeast strains withcompound nutrient agents, and is applicable when adopt corn, wheat and cassavaas raw materials for alcohol high gravity fermentation. This product is suitable foralcohol and fuel ethanol production in the method of fermentation with the characteristics of strong reproductive ability, high fermentation speed, high tolerance tohigh ethanol concentration, etc. The product can shorten the fermentation time, andrealize the fermentation of alcohol with high concentration.

Applicable raw materials

corn, cassava, wheat and other starch based materials.

Product characteristics

1.Ethanol tolerance ≤23%(v/v)\

2.Temperature tolerance 80°F-108°F(28-42℃), the optimal fermentation temperature is 90°F-93°F (32-34℃).

3.pH tolerance 3.5-5.5, the optimal fermentation pH is 4.5-5.5.

4.The cycle of alcohol fermentation is appropriately shortened,60-65 hours for batchfermentation, 55-60 hours for continuous fermentation.


Direct add yeast in fermentation tank

Each liter of mash is added with0.25-0.3g of dry yeast, and theinitial cell count of fermentationmash reaches 5 million /ml.

Propagation in culture tank

When the equipment and process allow, on the basis of strictly controlling bacterialinfection and providing the yeast with the required nutrition, inoculate to ferment afterculturing for 8-10 hours, so as to relatively reduce the yeast consumption. In consideration of the aging and degeneration of yeast in the culture process, the optimal inoculation replacement cycle shall be 72 hours.

Storage condition and shelf life

Vacuum aluminum foil packaging, store in low temperatureand dry place, with the shelf life of 12 months.

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AYDWY10200/5, Angel Active Dry Wine x5pac/
AYDWY10200/20, Angel Active Dry Wine x 20pac.


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