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HALAL Bakerdream Frozen Dough Improver 1kg

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Bakerdaream Frozen dough Improver

With good elasticity that is easy to work with and enhances its extensibility during moulding . The improver avoids water release on the surface of the dough pieces while they are defrosting. The proofing is fast and steady with no tears on the surface.

Improves machinability;

Improves dough strength, bread volume and crumb texture;

Improves dough tolerance;

Improves moisture retention and voids dough crystallization;

Extends frozen dough products shelf life.

Leave of Use

From 1.5% to 3% on flour weight i.e.: 1500g-3000g for 100kg flour.

Direction for Use

Put Bakerdream Frozen Dough Improver into the flour, add other ingredients and then start mixing.


Mono-and diglycerides of fatty acids(E471), sodium alginate (E401), ascorbic acid (E300), xylanase, alpha-amylase, glucose oxidase, wheat gluten,soya flour.

Shelf Life

18 Months


Please store in a dry and cool place.

Package Contents


Your choice of:

AYF99110/1, Bakerdream Frozen Dough Improver 1kg x 1pac/
AYF99110/2, Bakerdream Frozen Dough Improver 1kg x 2pac/

AYF99110/5, Bakerdream Frozen Dough Improver 1kg x 5pac/

AYF99110, Bakerdream Frozen Dough Improver 1kg x 10pac(Carton)/


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