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Angel Rice Leaven 8g

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Sweet Rice Wine, whose formal name is " rice wine", is a traditional Chinese folk snack with a history of over a thousand years in China. It is mainly made through fermenting by cooked glutinous rice or cooked rice added with beneficial microorganisms. With simple brewing process and sweet and mellow taste, It is popular in China, Southeast Asia ,Japan, South Korea and other regions. Angel rice leaven is produced by adopting advanced microorganism culturing process and equipment, and its microorganism is very beneficial to the fermentation of sweet rice wine. The strain is of high purity and stable quality. Low doses of the rice leaven can help achieve the desired effect.


Rhizopus and rice flour

Shelf life:

18 months

Storage Method:

Keep in cool and dry place.


Each packet (8g) can be used for 2-2.25kg glutinous rice (or rice).

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AYRLS8300/H, Angel Rice Leaven (Sweet), 8g X 100pac /
AYRLW8300/H, Angel Rice Leaven (Wine), 8g X 100pac /

AYRLS8300, Angel Rice Leaven (Sweet), 8g X 300pac (Carton)/
AYRLW8300, Angel Rice Leaven (Wine), 8g X 300pac (Carton).


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