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Resistance Bands

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You asked for them, so we sourced them! Our new range of resistance bands come in 6 different widths and resistance. These bands can be used for joint distraction, pull-up progression, stretching and strengthening, rehabilitation exercise, and much more.


Colour Length  Width  Thickness Pull Force
Red 2.08m 13mm 4.5mm 6.8kg - 11kg
Black 2.08m 22mm 4.5mm 11kg - 22kg
Purple 2.08m 32mm 4.5mm 22kg - 36kg
Green 2.08m 45mm 4.5mm 36kg - 54kg
Blue 2.08m 64mm 4.5mm 54kg - 80kg
Orange 2.08m 83mm 4.5mm 80kg - 104kg