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Ensure hygiene with Elf Wing washroom paper products

Hygiene in restroom is very important to stay healthy and the use of paper products play significant role to clean and maintain washrooms and personal sanitisation. However, finding and choosing a right and high quality paper product supplier in Australia can be challenging but here at ELF Wing, we are confident that the quality and price we offer can’t be beaten anywhere in Australia. No matter, if you want paper products for residential or commercial use; we assure that you will find the exact quality, material and items you wish to have in your home and office washrooms. We are Sydney based wholesale paper products specialist and proudly offer a huge range of bulk paper products manufactured by using 100% virgin materials.

You can select anything from our paper product category suiting best to your needs. Ranging from toilet paper rolls in different plies, sizing and packing, absorbent toilet tissues with varying strength, size, scent, and packing shape to paper towel dispenser, napkin dispenser and hand towel dispenser. We have everything to offer from normal to standard, neutral to classic, deluxe to premium and dispensers from small to extra large sizes. Our consideration to the client’s different needs and use enables us to stock everything we can be asked for. We are a complete range product paper wholesale supplier near you. One of the greatest advantage of purchasing with us is we don’t serve to help you with cleaning and hygiene tasks only instead we are environmentally responsible and our products are suitable to create an eco-friendly contribution to the environment.

High quality paper product in your budget

You will find high quality cheap paper products wholesale price here at our store. We offer products which are soft and durable in a budget friendly way. We are the wholesaler of paper products in Sydney and known to offer the best price as we can to our clients to earn their loyalty and make their hygiene seamlessly empowered. You just need to decide what product you want and for what purpose; rest of the responsibility will be with us to help you in making value for money purchase.

By employing innovative approach combined with manufacturing skills allows Elf Wing to operate in paper products range for businesses and households around Sydney. Our wholesale competitive pricing beats our competitors making us one of the top paper products suppliers across Australia. 

Contact us for bulk paper product queries

If you have decided to buy quality paper product items for your household or workplace and looking for the best paper product supplier in Australia, Elf Wing should be your first choice. You have every reason to reach us either via call at 1300 591 818 or any social platform on Facebook, Instagram and WeChat. Our highly knowledgeable, customer-friendly and experienced staff is ready to address all your concerns and queries and to help you with your buying decision.

*This information is intended as a guide only. Please read product labels before purchasing & consuming.