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Own it Now, Pay Later!

We know that you don't always want to pay the whole price upfront when buying furnitures. That's why we are excited to introduct Zip Pay and AfterPay as payment opinions for you!

How Does It Work?

With Zip Pay and AfterPay, you will be able to make a purhcase without paying anything at the point of your purchase.

With Zip Pay and AfterPay, you can choose how you want to pay back your purchases. Choose your repayment schedule weekly, fortnightly or monthly - whichever fits your need!

Do I Need to Pay Interest?

Of course NOT! Both Zip Pay and AfterPay ofter their users interest free opinions for repayment.  For details please check with Zip Pay and AfterPay's Website.

How do I Choose Pay After Opinion?

Just make purchases on our website like how you would normally. When choosing payment types, simply pick Zip Pay or AfterPay and follow along.

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