Disposable Containers


Supreme Quality disposable food containers

Preserving food safely is as important as cooking or making it. Any food badly stored or preserved may be spoiled for its taste and freshness. Any disposable food container buy online may not guarantee the results they commit and ends up in wastage of food, time and money. At Elf Wing, we are committed to take care of your food so we provide disposable food containers Sydney people can envy upon at no added cost. If you are concerned about environment, our products are eco-friendly and don’t produce any harm to the surroundings.

Our food containers are made of high quality and serves for both residential and commercial purposes. Our plastic food containers are ideal for household; that can be washed out and used over & over again in the households for leftover storage. They are microwave safe also that facilitates convenience in further home reuse. On the other hand, takeaway containers with lids are best servers in the hotel and restaurant industry. These food containers are offered in black and white colours and with a wide range of sizes to meet every small to big food storage need.

Save your money on Elf Wing Food containers 

We produce technologically advanced, hygienic and disposable food containers at relatively low cost to provide an affordable range to our clients. Our disposable foam food cups and clam boxes are a real money saver for your storage needs. These food containers are low on your pocket and provide an option of eating away from home without disturbing the nutritional value of eatables. 

The market of disposable plastic containers is rapidly growing particularly in coffee shops,restaurants, hotels, households, institutions, offices and hospitals thereby saving you overall cost of investment and running expenses. 

Buy food storage containers with Elf Wing

If you want to avoid the washing trouble when catering for functions, such as birthday party, anniversary, wedding or business conference, use of disposable containers makes great sense and Elf Wing can be the best place to buy food containers for you. Bulk buy food containers today and make your life easy. Browse our website or call us today 1300 591 818. We are ready to keep your food safe to serve and eat.