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A&C AC-2000/MF AC-2000/W Luncheon Napkins GT Fold/Q-Fold 2ply 300mm x 300mm 2000 Sheets (White)

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AC-2000/MF Luncheon Napkin, GT Fold

AC-2000/W Luncheon Napkin, Quater Fold



Strong even when wet


Individually packed in clear plastic damp and mould free.


Powerful Absorption of liquid and oil

Package details

  • Luncheon Napkins
  • 2 ply
  • 100 sheets
  • Sheet size 300 × 300 mm
  • GT / Quater Fold
  • White virgin paper
  • 20 packs / carton
  • 2,000 sheets
  • Code: AC-2000MF/W


Package Contents


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A&C Gentility AC2000/MF Luncheon Napkin, GT Fold(Carton)
A&C Gentility AC2000/W Luncheon Napkin, Quater Fold(Carton)



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