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EXTRA EK166 Antibacterial Surface Wipes Dispenser

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This centre pull, wall mounted cleaning wipe dispenser makes it easy to grab a wipe with just one hand!

Durable and sturdy, this unit has no complicated moving parts and comes with easy to install mounting hardware. Our modern dispenser allows your employees to see when the AFS Disinfectant or Biodegradable Cleaning wipes are running low.

Our simple, yet effective silicon nipple design allows our cleaning wipes to feed fluidly through the top of the dispenser whilst applying enough pressure to tear off a single wipe to ensure minimising wastage. Your customers and staff will appreciate the cleaning wipes dispenser’s easy access, making it convenient to help maintain a clean surface environment for all.

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1000 Sheets capacity

Opening tool included.

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EXTRA EK166 Antibacterial Surface Wipes Dispenser.

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EXTRA EK166 Antibacterial Surface Wipes Dispenser +
ELKA EKDIS1000 Antibacterial Surface Wipes


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