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Handwash (Pink) 5L / 20L

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  • Produces rich lathered foam, with emollients for a smooth and soft feel to the skin.
  • Ideal for plastic and stainless steel dispensers.

Best Hand wash liquid soap for perfect cleaning

Use of proper hand wash soap or liquid makes the cleaning safe and healthy. This is the best hand wash liquid which is capable of removing dirt, oil, grease or any other filth from your hands without hurting the beauty of your hands.


This liquid hand wash is prepared in pink colour with a watermelon fragrance to become a soft hand cleanser placed at all the places where cleaning and sanitisation are practised. It contains a soft, rich lather and nice refreshing perfume fragrance to give a refreshing feel.

Applications of Pink Liquid Hand wash

You can safely keep this pink colour liquid soap in bathrooms, washrooms and kitchens because it is equally important to use the hand wash liquid in kitchen and food preparations areas to keep your hands clean. Frequent washing with this liquid hand wash doesn’t create any harshness or irritation on your skin and watermelon properties preserve the smoothness and moisture of your skin.

How to use the hand wash liquid soap?

Interestingly it’s not just a soap and water equation. It is ready to use liquid hand wash with no dilution required.

  1. Take a small amount directly onto the hands
  2. Massage it thoroughly into a rich lather and friction will help pulling the dirt/grease/oil free from the skin.
  3. Wash it off with water warm running water washes away suspended dirt.
  4. Drying up your hands and rubbing them again for final friction removes germs.

Safety Information

Avoid contact with eyes and prolong contact with the skin. It is not classified as a dangerous good or hazardous chemical. Keep out of reach of children. Seek medical attention in case of an emergency.

 Buy in bulk cheap hand wash liquid

This hand wash gel is available in a 5L drum to save you money on buying in bulk. This 5L liquid hand wash bottle is enough to cater the maximum consumption areas such as offices, restaurant, cafes, schools, medical facilities, nursing homes, public washrooms, sports clubs or anywhere where the traffic is frequent and cleaning is necessary.

Where to buy liquid hand soap in bulk?

Almost half of the prices you get on discounted deals when you order a bulk quantity of pink liquid hand wash from GMA supplies, a leading supplier in Australia. To make orders for the best liquid hand wash 5L bottle, from anywhere in Australia you can buy from our online store and also talk to our customer service 24/7.