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750ML Takeaway Containers with Lids, Disposable Plastic Food Containers

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Trvinno Pak Food Containers

Trvinno Pak offers food containers in a variety of sizes and shapes. All containers are made with food quality material - polypropylene and they are able to withstand a large temperature range.

The qualities of these containers enable them to be used in multiple occasions. It is ideal for commercial, retail and many other usages. 


Quality Material

Food quality material. 'PP5' logo labeled on each reusable container

Wide Temperature Range

Can be stored in freezer and microwavable, ranges from -20°C to 100°C.

Leak Proof

Specially designed junction to prevent leaking.

Package details

750ml Plastic Food Containers;

50 pcs/sleeve;

10 sleeves/carton;

500 pcs/carton;

Package Contents


Buy Food Containers Only:

Trvinno Pak ELFTR750 Takeaway Containers, 750ml 500pc

Buy Food Containers + Lids:

Trvinno Pak ELFTR750 Takeaway Containers, 750ml 500pc +

Trvinno Pak Takeaway Containers Lids TRL1 500pc


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